A Wave, a Flame

by Eric Chaet

A wave, a flame

the career of one who, like a dog or horse
accepts whatever role is assigned
by fate or someone stronger
a pimp, tycoon, or the commander
of some empire’s army or some insurgent gang, say

or the career (& its effects) of a psychopath

or of one who, to an unusual degree
masters him or her self
& who therefore can decide what to do
& follow thru
becoming more & more effective
while he or she lasts
the force of programming
& of deeds done more completely under its spell
gradually ebbing

even if there is no one to emulate
who can serve as a sufficient model
achieving the sort of success
less & less nebulously envisioned
even if no one before, however admirable
has wrought the intended transformation
of human behavior

& nearly everyone is engaged
in building roads & vehicles
intended to go elsewhere
that they are certain is more real
& more likely to reward them better.



Also posted at Dear Dirty America (USA), SurVision Magazine (Ireland).

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