On Both Sides of Every War

by Eric Chaet


You’re not more indignant than I am —
tho you’re part of some cheering crowd
that shares your indignation —
against another cheering crowd indignant at your crowd.

You’re not more courageous than I am
tho you foray into danger every day
suppressing your fear.

I won’t aim my weapon at the enemy
those who give you orders choose
& pull the trigger.

Your enemies & also those who give you orders
only await my showing weakness to terminate me —
& recycle whatever kit I’ve gathered & use —
& you’re one of their weapons.

I admire the courage of soldiers on both sides of every war —
I respect heart-felt indignation.

Tho you have support, encouragement, equipment —
tho you’re part of a party, team, or army —
your indignation & courage don’t outrank mine.



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Picture: Kollwitz

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