Thanksgiving Prayer

by Eric Chaet

Great Spirit
give us the strength to grow up, as long as we live
to be serious & effective
to remember to be grateful for our lives
& for the world, however difficult it is
which we did not create
whether it’s Thanksgiving or not
according to other people
& likewise to give gifts to one another
gifts of what others really need
or really want & can use to improve their lives
whether it’s Christmas or not Christmas
give us the strength to admire what’s good in Christianity
& to see thru what’s false, hypocritical, & shameful in Christianity
& likewise in Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism
& Capitalism & Socialism, too
to be in awe of what is greatest in each of us
in all living beings & in what exists that isn’t alive, too
& to discriminate between those who are contributing to our well-being
& to those who are betraying us
while making us feel that they’re doing us favors
& to become strong enough to get free of them
& do what we can for ourselves & one another
especially for those doing the most for us
& those less capable than we are of escaping from being victimized
give us the strength to respect what some people call God
because they aren’t strong enough to have no word for it
& to realize they don’t comprehend it
& can’t bear to live with the doubt & uncertainty
give us the strength to bear to live with the doubt & uncertainty
even if people use it against us, for their advantage
give us the strength to emerge from their betrayals & raids
stonger, more capable to defend & provide for ourselves & others
Great Spirit
we hereby express our gratitude
for our ability to face up to the situation we find ourselves in
not to go along with others’ pretenses that all is well
not to distract ourselves from the awesome, daunting task ahead
with lies we tell one another
or competitions for this or that trophy or expression of praise
for our lives, for the world, for our share of the Great Spirit—
as “Amen” means “So be it” in a language not our own
& not because some ritual requires it
but to recollect, inspire & rededicate ourselves
we hereby solemnly say, “So be it!”


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