Skeptical Of One Another

by Eric Chaet

You don’t believe
I’m who it seems to you I’m claiming to be.
I think I understand that—
after so many decades of encounters & of sorting out.

You see me as one more beggar
trying to get more from you
than I have the intention or capacity
to reciprocate, let alone surpass.

So you would brush me off—
unless I can promptly prove to you
according to intuition—
which evolves faster than any possible concluding—
that, for the price of the investment
of your attention & some slight proportion
of whatever else you have & value & can spare

I can offer you a likely golden stream of cash
or whatever cash can or can’t buy—
faster than its death by inflation & depreciation
or by changing technologies, fads, or power grabs—

which you gauge per the rapidly mutating consensus
of the stampede of greed & fears
whose dominion seems indefeasible—
except in rare moments of lucid comprehension.

You are as skeptical of me as I am of you.


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