by Eric Chaet

It’s not a surprise that we are resentful
of what we had to suffer
when we were unable to prevent it—
however recent or long ago.

I know a lot about resentment.

But why should we care
that others, now, know—when it’s too late?

Neither they nor we can prevent
what happened already
what is now as much a fact of history
as the Mongol invasions or the Spanish Empire.

It’s different
if others are still going thru the same thing
& if those we’re trying to get to pay attention
& to open their minds enough to understand
would be willing & able to correct it—
but are they willing & able?

People say, Get over your resentment.
Getting over it is better than stewing in it—
if those are the only choices.

But that’s not what I’m saying:
I’m saying, Transform what happened to you
into something more valuable than its cost.


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