Scrupulous Re-arrangement

by Eric Chaet

People who accept arrangements among humans
as they are
however sane or insane, just or unjust
thrive, if they are clever, capable, lucky
or struggle to thrive all their lives
or fail to thrive, wither, & die—

anyway, they universally disdain
those who try to dis-arrange
however things were being done
when they first committed
to doing the best they could for themselves
whether scrupulously or unscrupulously—

unless the dis-arrangers triumph
scrupulously or unscrupulously
within the period of their lives
while they’re still capable
of the effort of adjusting—

in which case, they pledge allegiance
to the new arrangement.

Those who would dis-arrange
the arrangements among humans
they encounter in their youths—
whether for personal gain, glory, or power
or to correspond more closely
to their ideal of justice, compassion, wisdom—
are victorious, however briefly
or defeated, humiliated, punished, maybe killed—

or struggle all their lives
with no validation from rulers or ruled—
to become more & more effective in their cause
tho no one will notice & comprehend
their progress, their interim results
the capacities they develop & begin
cautiously, timidly at first

The results
if not prevented by others’ behavior
while they live or after
won’t be manifest
can’t be recorded as revenue
against the expenses that continually accrue
won’t pay for food or housing
won’t be a cause for celebration while they live.

So it’s easy to retreat into a self-delusion bubble
but only constant self-monitoring & self-control
breaking habits—behavior & its program-thoughts—
& alternating refraining & realistic efforts
can make what’s just & compassionate
& disdained thru-out one’s life
& the lives of one’s cohorts, & elders
& the youths who come into existence while one lives
viable, competitive, & contributory
the living root of something that will break thru
flourish, & bear fruit
some time beyond now—
something better
than what almost everyone almost always
believes even imaginable, let alone possible—
than what almost everyone almost always
cooperates with, invests themselves in
& creates infrastructure for.


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