A Man Swerves His Car

by Eric Chaet

A man swerves his car as tho to hit me
where I stand on road shoulder
torn between thumbing a ride east from Kansas City
& watching a crew lay bricks on a newly-erected wood frame.

At the last moment, he turns aside.

He wants me more aware of death & of himself & myself
if I’m going to stand in midst of world
that’s driving him back & forth along highways.



Eric Chaet

traduction française – Francis Maka

Un homme fait une embardée de façon a me heurter
la ou je me tiens debout sur la bretelle d’autoroute
entrain de fair de l’auto-stop a l’est de KC
et de regarder des hommes qui rangeaient des briques
sur un squelette de bois fraichement bati.

A la derniere minute, il m’évite.

Il veut que je fasse mieux connaissance avec la mort.
Il veut que je prenne connaissance de lui
et de moi-meme…
si je me tiens debout au milieu
d’un monde ou lui chasse
de-ci, de-la le long des grands routes.


Previously published in Northeast (USA), Dictionary of International Poets (Korea), Inedit Revue (Belgium); also posted online @ Beyond the Pale (Ireland & France)


Translator Francis Maka lives in Belgium, writes in French, is author of the wonderful 1993 book of poems, Juste quelques mots.


normal madness series
cosmonaut series



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