Strangers Uprooting Seeds

by Eric Chaet

“strangers come and go
unrooting seeds.” —Ram Krishna Singh

Strangers come & go
uprooting seeds
& the seeds, too, are strangers—
& some seeds cling to the strangers
who come & go
casually or hurrying
with agendas
that will be fulfilled or never—
flying maybe
2 wings or 4 or 6 or 8
& clinging to us, too—
we’re strangers, too
to others, & to ourselves, aren’t we?—
& what we plan
strangers disrupt
or prevent by their refusal
to accept what we bring
per our programming
or hard-won decisions—
& we’re disrupting or preventing
their plans likewise—
but they, who uproot seeds
bring other uprooted seeds
from where we weren’t considering
into what would have been
the crop we planned
in which we’ve invested hope—
& we bring uprooted seeds
into their fields, which we disrupt.

What can we make
of what grows
unplanned, never agreed to
where we imagined
what we planted or expected
would have its flourishing & fruition?

The traveler discovers that his destination
has become something other
than what he was led to expect—
& maybe he disregarded what he didn’t want to hear—
maybe it’s someone’s fault, maybe not—
but what happens next is all up to
the traveler & to whoever & whatever
changes & causes changes—
resentment, even suffering are inadvisable.
Only efficient seeds
even if the light & heat are right
& no one comes to eat them
will become what they might become.

Can we evolve
or must we only witness
what evolves & leaves us behind
like some taking-off rocket
or great wave of technical change
or violent collective furious blame
at disrupted hopes?


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