by Eric Chaet

Bacteria have a big advantage
they have no nucleus
not a thought in their head
pure instinct
getting grub & avoiding dying
or so it appears here at world headquarters—
maybe this or that one is different from the others
maybe they’re all different from one another—
I’m working from images
produced by people with excellent cameras & microscopes
spies, as it were—
during tough times
they’ve been known to aggregate & cooperate
otherwise it’s every cell for itself
& when they’re fit & satisfied
they grow & become two—
similar but not exactly the same
as packages of salty or sweet snacks
bottles & cans of beer or carbonated drinks
legislation, dollars, ball games—
& I expect you know people like that
some sicken & die, some prosper
without much on their mind
& take those concerned
with, say, past & on-going injustices
or the well-being of humanity, maybe
(I don’t mean the virulent strain of hypocrites)—
as in-sane, un-fit, confused
& they eat or swim around them
& try to attach themselves
to the most likely source of nutrients
so as to attract the least attention
of predators out trying to make a living
or patrolling macrophages.

On another occasion, let’s consider viruses
& the archaeans, fungi, & protists
& plants, invertebrates, & vertebrates
& people more or less concerned
with commerce, society, meaning, culture
& always of course surviving the current crisis
or the current so-called peace & prosperity
those whose efforts produce good consequences
& those whose efforts produce bad consequences
we’ll define good & bad on that occasion
& those whose efforts diminish, then stop
& air, water, & soil—
ground-up mineral seams & wet & dry crannies
where worms, bacteria, & other individuals
& crews, industries, economies, & societies
disassemble, digest, & recycle
recently living beings’ residues.


Earlier version posted online @ Beyond the Pale (Ireland & France)


surveillance series
world headquarters series
cosmic being series

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