To Students On Their Returning To Classes

school of fish

by Eric Chaet

Hope that
you are eager
to learn
the wise ones’ ways,
that you don’t fall
into the common daze.

Hope that
you are skeptical:
question all you hear!
if told
all good is far away
or old or new or near.

Every teacher isn’t wise—neither are all fools.
Many people lose their way—while others gain, in schools.


Traduccion espanol – Rafael Antonio Acosta y Eric Chaet

Espero que ansien aprender la vida de los sabios
que el aturdimiento comun no carguen destraidos.

Espero que esten escepticos, duden todo lo que oigan
si les cuentan que todo lo bueno es nuevo o antiguo, cercano o lejano.

Cada profesor aspira a ser sabio aunque alguno resbale y sea tonto;
muchas personas se extravian en el camino amplio de los colegios.


Previously published in Mio Es Este Reino (Cuba).


Picture: Kent Wenger, via Maths Dept., Stony Brook University, New York


normal madness series


“Teachers sow their seed in unknown soil;
their pupils decide what they will cultivate
and determine what posterity will reap.”
—Albert Goldschmidt Jr. & Lawrence Davidson,
A Concise History of the Middle East

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