What You Commit Yourself To Doing

by Eric Chaet

Always more to it:
you saw how everyone
who gave it all they had
complained about results—
but, Mother Necessity!
you found ways to stifle your negativity
embraced possibly promising possibilities
& gave it all you had—
& while you were doing it ignorant zealots took over your nation
& every big organization you might join
if you suppressed your objections to complying
with what its efforts were part of—
gain of those with the most at the expense of those with the least
by force, reiterated fraud, & cultivation of fear
greed, & mad ego push—
& other ignorant zealots decided that the whole nation—
ignorant zealots & you & everyone—
were enemies of God & targets of opportunity—
& family members got in trouble & needed help
or tried to manipulate you
or maybe it was people you took for friends
who allowed themselves to do what you wouldn’t do
& were spiraling down in the consequences
or someone in your area
polluted your water or soil or air or mind
or someone far away
& the pollution traveled
thru the air or underground or thru the school you sent your children to
while you were trying to figure out your taxes to avoid going to jail
or lots of people produced what you produced & the price dropped
or you were the only one producing it
& no one around you recognized its value—
or maybe you made a little careless error
distracted by odd pains in your gut or back
or distortions in your vision or hearing
& burned down the room
where you stored your inventory, tools, files
or got addicted to beer or pills or powder—
& you were left without means of sustaining
not only your way of life but life at all—
there’s always more to it
the goal line keeps moving
there are always more really insane people you must count on
to deliver what you produce or supplies you need
to continue producing or even just to live til tomorrow
& more people who see you as fair game
& more people whose need for help is genuine
& more people whose game is to claim to need help
& new laws & technologies you must master or starve
& wars & plagues:
what you commit yourself to doing
needs to be worth all the unexpected obstacles
irritants, enmities, misunderstandings, old age & death—
whatever the results along the way
whatever others think of your results so far.


Also posted online @ Poetry Dispatch and other Notes from the Underground (USA)


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