by Eric Chaet

We’re addicted to de-natured flour, sugar, fat
we’re addicted to convenience
to herbicides & pesticides
we’re addicted to usury
we’re addicted
to starving those who say what’s true but difficult
to the pronouncements of useless people in positions of authority
to manipulating those we live with most intimately
to gasoline, asphalt, cement, steel, & driving
to right angles & screens
we’re addicted to thinking how clever we are
to comments of people who should be studying & observing
to art that reinforces what needs changing
to histories that hide what happened & is still happening
we’re addicted to fitting in & getting along
to winning & losing, scores & averages
to prices only others can set
we’re addicted to stockpiling money
to insulate ourselves from necessary upheavals
we’re addicted to writing down what we’d remember
instead of remembering it
to announcing what we’ve discovered or concluded
instead of changing ourselves & living accordingly
to campaigning that others imagine we are who we aren’t
instead of becoming who we might be
we’re addicted to foreign enemies
& to warrior champions protecting the roles
we’re always complaining aren’t worthy of us
we’re addicted to anxiety, blaming, excuses
to gaining the approval of those who have gained approval
we’re addicted to breaking addictions—
then celebrating for the rest of our lives
rather than doing anything useful.


traducción español – Rafael Antonio Acosta

Somos dados a la harina, el azúcar, los granos
somos dados a la facilidad.
Somos dados al herbicida y las plaguicidas
somos dados a la usura.
Somos dados a privar de alimentos y medicinas
a los que dicen la verdad.
Somos dados a los declaraciones de personas bajas
en posiciones de autoridad.
Somos dados a manipular los seres
entres los que intimamente vivimos
somos dados a la gasolina y a conducir.
Somos dados a pensar que somos muy astutos
somos dados al arte que no cambia nada.
Somos dados a congeniar y simpatizar
somos dados a ganar o perder.
Somos dados a quitarnos de los vicios
para celebrar entonces todo lo demás de nuestras vidas
antes de hacer algo útil.



traduction française – Josée Brewer

On est accro de la farine dénaturée, le sucre, le gras
on est accro de la commodité
on est accro des herbicides & pesticides
on est accro de l’exploitation
on est accro de faire crever de faim
ceux qui disent ce qui est vrai mais difficile
on est accro des proclamations
de personnes inutiles en position d’autorité
on est accro de manipuler
ceux avec qui nous vivons le plus intimement
on est accro de la gasoline & de conduire
on est accro de croire combien on est intelligent
on est accro de l’art qui ne change rien
on est accro de se conformer et de s’entendre
on est accro de gagner & perdre
on est accro de battre la dépendance—
puis célèbrant le reste de nos vies
plutôt que de faire quelque chose d’utile.




Previously published in Mio Es Este Reino (Cuba), Li Poetry Magazine (Taiwan), World Poetry 2001 (India).

Also posted online @ Kintespace (USA).


Translator Rafael Antonio Acosta is a kind of poetry impresario, with nearly no budget, in eastern Cuba. Translator Josée Brewer works at Dick’s Family Foods, in Wrightstown, Wisconsin, USA. Chinese translator Lee Kuei-Shien is the editor of the Li Poetry Magazine, Taiwan.


normal madness series

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