by Eric Chaet

Valves, hinges, pistons & cylinders
timing sequences, cams & cam-shafts, gear-trains

mechanisms of a thousand useful machines
creations of the creation, humanity.

No one knows the inventors’ names
&, anyway
compared to what has become
of what they snatched from nothing but potential
with refinement after refinement—
what they made was crude
yet exquisite as dandelion, salmon, or Saturn’s rings.

Beyond reverence, I’d learn to manipulate them
for my own benefit & everyone’s
except those who take advantage of others’
weakness, ignorance, & desperation
to expropriate & dominate.



Previously posted @ Heavy Bear (USA).


Picture: Wikimedia


“…the means employed to transmit and modify motion in a machine…all members have constrained motion…the parts can only move in a determinate manner relative to one another…determined by the number of parts & the way in which they are connected to one another….
…the mechanism of a machine can always be analyzed as an assemblage of basic mechanisms…transmit motion from one moving link to another with or without modification in degree or kind…by a wrapping connector such as a chain or belt; by direct contact as in cams & gears; or by a pin-connected link.” —“mechanism,” Encyclopaedia Britannica

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