What I’m Trying To Do

by Eric Chaet

I’ve worked all my life—but injustice still prevails.
Almost no one knows what’s so
yet almost everyone thinks they know what’s going on
whether in positions of authority or having to endure
what people in authority do, as I must.

I still haven’t found an enterprise, job, or profession
that pays me more than it costs me to go on—
I live on what I’ve managed to hold onto
from a few lucky breaks
when I couldn’t afford to insist on doing things my way.

I have made many false moves
& more often than not, haven’t known what to do.

I’m still alive, tho my body has begun decomposing
in various, interesting, sometimes distressing ways.

I’ve planted some viable seeds, I think—
but I don’t know how well they will survive or propagate.

Some people seem to believe
that I have become approximately who I aimed to become.
I hope I won’t let them down.

I still don’t know how to transform what humanity does
& that’s what I’m trying to do.



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