2.8 We All Hide

by Eric Chaet

We all hide our neuroses from others
they’d make us objects of ridicule & scorn
& prevent our winning opportunities
to sustain & advance ourselves—
so everyone is less aware of others’ neuroses
than of their own—

I’ll bet
even my greatest heroes had their share of neuroses—
unless you were living in a state of nature
& totally fit
you’d be bound to pick up some neuroses along the way—

if you live in the midst of human hives
strong on oppression & hypocrisy
weak on justice & lovingkindness
you weaken & die, succumb to rage
or you’ll carry psychic wounds forward
along the trajectory of your struggle—

maybe you’ll manage to notice & correct some of them
but while you’re struggling just to stay alive
& maybe also to achieve something truly useful
amid people who don’t believe anything truly useful
is actually useful, or can be achieved
& are looking for the most profitable way to cooperate
with madness & injustice
you’re bound to pick up other neuroses—

you have to concentrate on life & death
& unlikely great achievement priorities—

sure, many people are hardly more
than their complex of neuroses
drifting uselessly toward death
comedians have a fine time
using them to slander the human race—

but others land as tho on a beach
they’re hit by fragments of projectiles
they’re wounded
why pretend—at least to ourselves—otherwise?
but struggle forward.



emerging self / bildung series

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