Here’s to Denver!

by Eric Chaet

In a marveling mild jacket-dangling December in Denver
I leapt off the bus & took off down sparkling streets
surrounded by a circle of smiling old white-maned mountains.

Bouncing my feet past U.S. mint & adjoining jail
& past rearing stone fleet Indian pony ever complete
with unfearing, long extinct brave challenging
red & green Christmas displays slapped against the capitol—
I crashed, unknowing, a dignified session
& stood spotlighted in judge’s, witnesses’, & spectators’ stares
realizing only now what that golden dome flashing in sun signified—
& rushed back to the bus station, still brothers with the city fathers.

So happy, on my way to see a woman at my destination
& guzzling the thin air
that my joy might trigger animosity
didn’t even occur to me til the middle of Kansas.



Previously published in Vagabond (USA).

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