To President Obama

by Eric Chaet

I don’t believe you are a tyrant
like Hitler, Stalin, Caligula, Franco, or Bashar Assad
& I voted for you
preferring that you occupy the presidency
rather than that other brilliant fool—
yes, I think you are a brilliant fool
& I think I’m a brilliant fool, too.

Millions pay attention to you
while almost no one pays attention to me
& you have great authority
while I have only the scant occasional authority
that comes from people appreciating
how I’ve behaved til now, net, to their knowledge.

Many worse people could be occupying your position
but I still consider that you should be following me
if either of us should be following the other.

I listen to people chattering on about you with chagrin
even now that the election campaign is over
& it’s not you & that other brilliant fool
I have to hear about day after day.

But I’m far from achieving
what I believe I should achieve, if possible
so I can’t blame you for your pathetic record
& I appreciate some of what you’ve done, but not much—
yes, the Republicans blocked many of your initiatives
but they block mine & everyone’s, & your party does, too
& so do all sorts of groups & individuals—
men & women, American, foreign, species & specimens—
that’s the environment
in which you & I & everyone will achieve what we achieve—
or fail.

I’ll be wishing you well, as I wish everyone well
whom I believe means well
when they remember not to indulge themselves
as I mean well
when I remember not to indulge myself.



Also posted @ Dear Dirty America (USA)


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