Justice Is Health

by Eric Chaet

Justice is everyone’s health in relation to everyone else & to everything & every process—as an individual’s health is the proper functioning of all the parts & substances in the proper sequence & proportions.

Because of the unjust distribution of what people need & want, those with too little are too occupied trying to survive, then to satisfy themselves, to struggle for justice wisely, sustainably, successfully.

Those with too much, unaware that it’s too much, are too occupied dealing with the diseases of too much, & fending off those who’d take advantage of them, & attempting to improve their initial or current positions (which every living being does), & to out-do one-another—to apply themselves & their resources compassionately, & wisely, sustainably, successfully—to un-do the unjust distribution of what people need & want—to everyone’s advantage.

People need to want more than they have, but, also, they have been sold a set of desires, by those who would profit from their purchasing what they claim will satisfy those desires, or from their voting or fighting for someone who promises to deliver such satisfaction.

So progress toward justice is rare & piecemeal.

Here & there & now & then an individual comprehends & acts advantageously, at least for him or herself—rather than feverishly spinning his or her wheels, getting nowhere, in a bog, creating yet more complication between what is & what would be just, if it could be made so.

Occasionally, someone comprehends, & acts justly, gaining advantage, at least for him or herself, without causing others’ more trouble. Occasionally, someone even un-does some injustice. That is acting righteously.

A lot of people, having some sense that acting righteously is the way to justice, & also the most satisfactory way to behave, act as tho they are acting righteously—tho they don’t comprehend the situation or the results of their actions, which cause a worsening of the situation, rather than improvement. That’s acting self-righteously.

Often, they don’t act self-righteously, so much as pose as tho they are acting righteously. (Tho posing is a kind of acting, even the kind we most often recognize as acting—as in a play, in the movies, or among a social group in which one is struggling for acceptance & approval.)

No one will ever be satisfied long, til there is justice—whatever anyone believes.

Meanwhile desperate individuals struggle for more, of what they need, want, or have been led to believe they need, at no matter whose expense. And greedy individuals, with too much already, struggle for still more, for their temporary advantage, at others’ expense—whether the others have enough of what they need, or not—unaware, even, that they need justice.

Justice is what everyone needs & wants—whatever else they need or want—& whether they realize that it is so, or not.

Justice is health.


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