by Eric Chaet

Getting past my suffering & tiny successes so far
getting past my pretenses & everyone else’s
whether incumbents’ or insurgents’ pretenses
& my & everyone’s occasional little brief pleasures
getting past my defense of who I wish I were
& everyone else’s defense of who they wish they were
to think truly & relieve my own & others’ real need
not just the desires of children who never grow up
distorted by undigested childhood traumas
& clever rhetoric, political, commercial, intellectual
respecting only what undoes injustice & false beliefs
& transforms the system of rewarding evil
& smug complacency & sabotage of sincere efforts
to relieve the suffering of the disadvantaged
to the extent that my or anyone’s deeds transform it
not from one exploitation regime to another
or one sham solution to another
but finally establishing irrevocable progress
realistic compassion & concentration
& competent cooperation, uphill, all the way
to justice & sanity—my, your, humanity’s success.

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