Demagogues & Fanatics

by Eric Chaet

Demagogues incite & exploit
fanatics’ hysterical, beyond-strategic, response
to actual injustice, oppression, domination
to systematic theft camouflaged by hypocritical rhetoric—
while most people are too intimidated
to even dare know what is happening to them
& are only too glad to share in whatever bit of loot
their rulers have seized, & bribe them with tiny shares.

Self-control, friends—
violent tantrums do no one any good—
patience—but not self-hypnosis til death—
cunning!—& gradually making yourself effective.

No one will notice anything but results—
they’ll go right on belittling your efforts to achieve them.

They’ll imagine the results are a miracle
or that they did it themselves.

Or that their current celebrities—
who represent their narcissistic delusions—did it.



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