Humanity’s Success

by Eric Chaet

By humanity’s success
I don’t mean the so-called successes people brag about
or that deluded people are always commenting on—
this or that tyrant’s so-called success—
or this or that guy-with-a-lot-of-loot’s success.

I mean those who are making humanity a success
one person at a time, noticed or not
one deed at a time, noticed or not
physical deed or mental
takes a moment or takes a life-time.

Some will be part-successful, part-failure—
like the best intentioned of this or that religion
or this or that nationalism or ethnicity
or class, clique, profession
or department, company, or campaign.

I don’t suppose that there will come a time
when all people alive will be succeeding
or even most people alive will be succeeding.

I have been trying all the decades of my life
to align myself with humanity’s success
to lead when appropriate, otherwise just to struggle
along with everyone else who is struggling
not to succumb, or to be a burden on others’ struggles.

To emerge from what some call the system of things
& others call the kali-yuga
what I’ve been calling normal madness
& still others complain about
without having a name or even clear conception of it
day in & day out—
others’ evil-doing, plus neurotic defense mechanisms—
hard-core crazy—when it’s too much to bear
& subtler, sour & bitter adjustments
to prevailing injustices & others’ resignation
& taking it out on others
who aren’t the ones oppressing you, mainly
tho everyone is infected
by all the clever sayings, gestures, & routines.

I’m trying to play the most effective part I can
in realizing humanity’s success—
my own success would be no success at all, otherwise.


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