We’re Always Hatching Out of the World We’ve Known

by Eric Chaet

We’re always hatching out of the world we’ve known.
We’ve always imagined it was more permanent than it was
as we always imagine that we’re more permanent than we are.

If we notice what’s happening before it’s gone
we can identify what of that we value most
of what we control to some extent
we have the best chance of taking with us
if it falls to us
to be among those traveling into the world to come.

All along, there have been prophets, & false prophets, too.

There will be heroes & saints in the world to come
or the equivalent
as there have been heroes & saints
in the world from which we must go, ready or not.

There will be evil deeds & cowardice, or equivalents.
There will be animals, plants, fungi, bacteria, viruses—
& money, laws, machines, codes, frustration
& planning & working things thru to completion
& short-circuits, getting derailed, jokes—or equivalents.

People will be fitting in without too scrupulously
examining what they’re fitting into, or the consequences.

There will be solar systems & clouds & electrons
oceans, storms, picnics, commerce, root beer, shoulders
agreements, disagreements, popularity, injustice, ostracism
or the equivalents—
specimens to whom their species seems to be all of life
& their habitat & experience & moment in history
the only possible world, & eternity—
or the equivalents.

There will be well-intentioned but deluded ones
who call on others to follow their leads—
& ruthless ones taking whatever no one prevents their taking.

There will be relatively clear-eyed ones
whose capacities to be of use will be overlooked
approximately or even absolutely universally—
who allow whoever notices & has made him or her self capable
of using what they can do, use those capacities, or not—
or the equivalents.

If we are among those who travel into that emerging world
we’ll immediately begin hatching out of it—
even as we hatch out of our selves.


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