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Eric Chaet, born 1945, raised on the South Side of Chicago—a rough place. Earning: janitorial, then clerical work, factory-hand, warehouse-crew, teaching, & solo operations-research consulting. Public works including:




While struggling to survive & thrive, I am trying to be righteous & effective.

I try to align myself with whoever else is or will be trying to be righteous — not self-righteous — & honest, wise, kind, & effective.

Eric Chaet Old Buzzard

how to change

Discovering I was born into a species-wide emergency of injustices, pretenses, & delusions, & their consequences, I committed myself, long ago now, to changing the world for the better, for ever.

Of course, I frequently distracted myself, or allowed myself to be distracted, from anxiety that seemed unlikely ever to end. And concentration on actual & urgent struggles for survival many times took precedence.

You may be despised or celebrated, tempted to give up on your life, or believing yourself to be a winner in a sea of losers. Humanity is squabbling for every little advantage — strong against strong, strong against weak, weak against weak — so, preventing itself from success. Whoever you are, you are one of the humans in the midst of that civil war.

Fortunately, humanity hasn’t failed yet.

If it’s possible — & I don’t imagine I know the future, the outcome — now, the only time in which whatever degree of conscious concentration can be applied — is the time to achieve what has not yet ever been achieved — by & for you, me, & humanity.

Nothing is achieved all at once, & there is a near infinity of reflex actions & attitudes, & conscious hostility, too, & the infrastructure set up while injustice & madness have prevailed, & continue to have their effects, to be overcome.

I call my current occupation: managing the biggest business with the fewest resources, from below. While I’m working at it every day, I don’t suppose that my operations are yet harmoniously organized, or sufficiently or firmly established. They are still far from perfectly conceived, created, put into practice, carried thru to completion, & irrevocably having their effects in the world.

I don’t suppose that I’m the only one so engaged — but, apparently, most people are otherwise occupied — & their networking is more disadvantageous than advantageous, so far.

I am always seeking & hoping yet to engineer truly useful, productive relationships, tho careful not to be swallowed up in well-intentioned but futile projects — neither the usual madness, nor particular, attractive delusions.

As you might well imagine, I could use a lot of well-thought-thru, realistic help. I have been trying to reciprocate in advance, & will try again & in new ways, more effectively, whether or not such help — competent cooperation &, so, catalysis — emerges.

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