~The Turnaround Artist

Eric Chaet, born 1945.

A human who, among other things, writes.

Raised on the South Side of Chicago—a rough place—during the McCarthy, Gulag Archipelago, Great Leap Forward, poised nuclear weapons Cold War, enforced conformity years.

Indoctrinated with patriotic Anglo-Saxon manifest destiny tempered slightly by the Enlightenment rhetoric of the American Revolution of 1776-81 & the Bill of Rights.

Groomed to become an incoherently resentful, indentured, industrial robot.

Earning: janitorial, then clerical work, factory-hand, warehouse-crew, teaching.

Early poems, songs, stories, philosophy.

Then full-time, solo, full-spectrum polytechnical & political-economic research & occasional, enabling consulting assignments.

While I had the unusual advantage of always “seeing” my life as a whole, & monitoring my effective progress or lack of it accordingly, I don’t pretend that I began with a great understanding of history, or of the current political-economic situation or of its technical apparatus, or, therefore, that I had a great deal of control of the effects of my efforts. I was frequently reduced to doing very nearly whatever I could to earn some dollars immediately. Three times, I had to borrow a month’s rent, which I paid back at the end of the month of near-starvation. Otherwise, I managed to stay out of debt.

Not all my luck was bad. Without the good luck, I’d be dead.

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Eric Chaet Old Buzzard

how to change

I try to survive & thrive & align myself with whoever is undoing or will be undoing injustices & injustices’ & misunderstandings’ consequences — not just posing as a hero, or satisfied with fitting into the ongoing system of injustices, misunderstandings, & their consequences.

I call my current occupation: managing the biggest business with the fewest resources, from below.

From a position of insufficient power even to defend my existence against on-going & likely challenges, I work every day at becoming viable, &, carefully & deliberately, using whatever resources I can scrape together beyond my minimized needs, catalyzing powerfully righteous, kind, useful, & lasting effects on the development of human events, policies, behavior.

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