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1.3 Always Beginning

August 2, 2020

by Eric Chaet

When I began, it was far from clear to me what I was beginning to do—& it was only part of what I was doing.

Mainly, I was imitating others’ behavior, from the effects of which behavior, others’ & mine, I struggle, I continue struggling—to salvage my life.

To transform my & others’ behavior—again & again.

Beginning always by transforming how I respond, how I make myself capable of initiating & following thru.

Toward wiser goals—survival & thriving, justice & loving-kindness—& better-focused & cunning algorithms appropriate to my & everyone’s immediate situation—especially those abandoned by the rest to failure—not just winning in some little game of accumulation & prestige.

Efficacious regimens—understanding, strength, flexibility, endurance.

Strategic, yet aware how limited my power-so-far is, however much it is more than it was last week or last year, or decades ago.

Changing my habits til this moment.

Changing my relationship with everyone else—&, so, everyone’s relationship with me—whether anyone else realizes it, or not.

Changing the experience & effect of what remains of my life.