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May 24, 2018

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Eric Chaet, The Turnaround Artist.


I require your attention!—whether you consider yourself successful, & others think so, too—or whether you are generally considered worthless, & can barely drag yourself between waking & returning to oblivion.

I am competing for attention & resources—with poets, as well as with other writers & artists—with incumbent & opposition politicians especially—& with philosophers, teachers, professionals of all sorts—& bureaucrats who don’t identify themselves by name—& everyone with a presence on the web, a radio or television program, a book or article in print, or a voice in any assembly, at any table—or a voice implanted in the past in anyone’s head—& with aggregators of talent or at least of the fashionably clever, of artifacts, of rooms, of victims, of prizes & titles, of apps, of myths & rituals, of merchandise, of weapons & soldiers, of drugs, liquor, prostitutes, or capital.

While I don’t command anyone to do anything, these so-called poems are intended to enable you to refrain from acting or to act—when such action is possible—more righteously, wisely, & kindly—& effectively—within a defective situation, which is anything but righteous, wise, or kind.

Some of them work by indirection, the best I could manage to drag out of the Earth, Sky, & human Pandemonium.

Apparently, no one else had come up with a more direct path, but I am always trying to come up with straighter paths, with better signs.

Check the so-called menu of this site for trickling or occasionally a flood, of progress.


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