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What Are You Doing?

May 19, 2019

What are you doing?

What what you be doing, if you could?

What have you done so far, toward your being able to do it?

What is the situation you are trying to create?

What is preventing your creating that situation?

What part of what is preventing your creating that situation is within your control to modify?

What are you doing?


Efficient, unrighteous & unkind people, with a healthy appetite for self-command & maybe an unhealthy appetite for command over others, ask themselves these questions.

Youths, acutely aware of injustices, who would be righteous & kind, tend, therefore, to find these questions repellant, as tho ONLY unrighteous & unkind people ask them.

Those who would be effectively righteous & kind, in order to survive & to live more satisfying lives, being of greater & greater service to one another & to those whose suffering is not due to their own stubborn counterproductive behavior, would gain as much by asking themselves these questions.

No, they’d gain a great deal more—if they can survive while the evolutionary effort thereby induced has its effects.


These So-Called Poems

March 27, 2019

Each of the so-called poems of this site—some more than 50 years old already, some recent, some survivors from eras & events & patient or suddenly apparent, intuitive processing in between—speaks for itself.

But the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, as life is greater than the sum of its parts, as the world is greater than the sum of its parts, & as you are greater than the sum of your parts.