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Eric Chaet’s Biz Plan

August 28, 2019

I have been pushing a rock up a hill a long time, &, in the process, learning to gain & apply physical, mental, & moral advantage, which changes the odds of reaching & passing beyond the crest.

Tho influenced, I am not trapped in the expectations of the people around me, near or far, familiar ones or strangers, historic or contemporary, beaten down or apparently victorious.

I keep escaping from earlier programming, & my own incomplete & ineffective impressions, mind-sets, bad habits, world views. I keep getting stronger, more effective.

But, of course, my body & mind are mortal. I need wholesome nutrition & periodic rest—& bits of my apparatus exhibit depreciating functionality. So my time is limited.

I am competing for self-command in the internet of bodies, minds, souls, electro-magnetic forces, machines, confusion, suffering, intentional enterprises, money & weapons, myths & doctrines, privilege & victimization, obliviousness & conceit on one hand & resentment & rationalization on the other, & cliques, professions, corporations, & political-economies.

I am managing the greatest, transformational enterprise in the history of humanity, with the fewest resources, from below.

Tho I am stronger & more effective than ever, I can hardly even correct my own errors, even when I notice them.

I’m not much yet, but invest in me, & you get the biggest bang for your buck since the last Big Bang.

I am continuously, strategically researching & developing understanding & skills, especially righteousness & lovingkindness—the most undervalued, greatest resources of all—& gradually managing to deploy them—tho I must simultaneously create the infrastructure necessary to do so.

I would not be satisfied only to achieve & attain even what my rare, wonderful heroes & heroines have achieved & attained.

Solving this or that catastrophic problem would be insufficient.

No one’s time is more real than mine.

It’s not just cash that I mustn’t run out of. I must do what I can do while I still have breath, (realistic, earned) hope, an emerging lever-&-a-platform-to-stand-on, & (exponentially growing & quantum-leaping) comprehension—& when survival isn’t urgently all-consuming.

If you can & will, join me. If it’s advantageous, I’m eager to join you, too.

There’s no way I can succeed by myself.