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What I’m Doing

July 18, 2019

I am attempting to go on living without contributing to either the normal or extraordinary abuse of the innocent, or the theft of the earnings & esteem due the truly righteous, which they need & can use most profitably — which earnings & esteem are currently being expropriated by those posing as tho they are the righteous ones.

I am attempting not only to go on living, but to enjoy my life in ways & to a degree generally unimagined, while undoing the normal & also the extraordinary abuse of the innocent, & the theft of the earnings & esteem due the truly righteous, while becoming, myself, as truly righteously consequential as possible.


These So-Called Poems

June 15, 2019

Some of these so-called poems are more than 50 years old already, some recent. Some are survivors from eras & events in between.

Occasionally new ones replace old ones, or old ones put me to work transforming them.

They are are listed in alphabetical order. You can read them in any order. Gandhi & Chance is the oldest.

That is, it’s the first thing I wrote, that, once I’d lived with it a while, seemed really to perform a necessary, useful function, not otherwise being performed. So it’s the first thing that I wrote, that I kept.