by Eric Chaet


You’re not more indignant than I am —
tho you’re part of some cheering crowd
that shares your indignation —
against another cheering crowd indignant at your crowd.

You’re not more courageous than I am
tho you foray into danger every day
suppressing your fear.

I won’t aim my weapon at the enemy
those who give you orders choose
& pull the trigger.

Your enemies & also those who give you orders
only await my showing weakness to terminate me —
& recycle whatever kit I’ve gathered & use —
& you’re one of their weapons.

I admire the courage of soldiers on both sides of every war —
I respect heart-felt indignation.

Tho you have support, encouragement, equipment —
tho you’re part of a party, team, or army —
your indignation & courage don’t outrank mine.



bushido series
armed force series
Dar al-Harb series
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Picture: Kollwitz


“The general tendencies existed in the shape of the currents of rage and despair and often also the wild readiness for action, which, when Hitler appeared, were already welling up in all classes discontented….”
–Friedrich Meinecke, The German Catastrophe

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