Whores’ Currency

by Eric Chaet

Arrangements among humans are so outrageously unjust
how much can I have accomplished of value?

So, I have not earned as much respect
as I would like to be treated with.

But having refrained from snatching my share of loot
again & again, & suffering the consequences
& scrupulously contributed what I could when I could
to improving the situation for those who have not
given in to the temptation to share in the loot
to as great an extent as possible—

I have earned a great deal more respect
than the way those who have earned no respect
& only respect successful whores like themselves
treat me.

When they withhold the respect that I have earned
they are robbing me—
which they understand better than I have understood it
usually, tho often it’s the pure instinct
of those who are shrewd, without integrity.

Which accounts for their giddy, triumphant pleasure
in frustrating my attempts to be friendly
rather than either defeat them, or be defeated—
their game, their currency, their living & dying.



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