Since I Don’t Have 1,000 Years

February 3, 2017

by Eric Chaet

Since I don’t have 1,000 years to change the world forever for better, & since I can’t count on people effectively to assume big chunks of my duties—tho I allow for the possibility, & am alert to offers, & what is required of me in return—I have to re-engineer myself.

Some people are punch-drunk—with lots of good reason—& need more help than they can provide. Some are in trouble thru no fault of their own, & some have self-handicapping habits & attitudes, & are likely to pull under whoever attempts to save them from drowning.

Some people are proud of their effectiveness at this or that specialty, whether they are actually serving anyone or deluding themselves, & however narrow their specialty & service. Each of them has some understanding & skill I can make use of, & each of them insists that I communicate with them in terms they understand, if I am to hope for any cooperation from them. In fact, if I don’t so communicate with them, they are liable to place obstacles in my path, laws, for instance, rules, insistent expectations of normal behavior, even violence.

I’m pretty smart, but that doesn’t make me an expert at the use of the internet, of plumbing & masonry & electrical skills & equipment, at the use of money & payment systems, trading platforms, media, political organizations, contracts, on-going belief systems, languages, mathematics, etc. It’s a pretty big bite that needs chewing & digesting.

It’s necessary to look after the chewing & digesting apparatus all the while—anatomy, physiology, hygiene, nutrition, sleep, exercise, infective viruses, bacteria, fungi, the use of the mind-boggling medical & insurance & legal bureaucracies….

Likewise, it’s necessary to organize my work & props, & attend to the needs & desires of those with whom I share the most resources.

If I am to live long enough to put into effect what I have long been working at, I must increase my revenues without equivalently (or worse) increasing my costs, too.

All this, without forgetting what I’m doing.

That’s how it is for you, too, with appropriate modifications for your initial state & the solution state or states you envision & are working toward, & keep more effectively envisioning & working toward.


Preface (2nd half)

October 1, 2016

by Eric Chaet

These so-called poems are, as calculatedly evaluated, organized, & executed as I am capable, gambits, gambles, which I don’t merely make, then watch how they’ll turn out, but which I cultivate, shepherd, & manage, to the slight extent I’m capable. (And I keep working at becoming more capable.)

Many of these so-called poems have been posted or published, in the USA or elsewhere, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 years ago, or more & more recently.

I’m clever enough, & I try to be clever, crafting them—but the cleverness is not the essence, & I am not competing for acclaim as a clever person. I am frankly trying to change your mind, to your advantage, & everyone else’s with whom you interact, who is not thriving at the expense of whoever can’t prevent it.

In that way, I mean to change the world for the better, irrevocably, whatever anyone thinks, doesn’t think, says, or doesn’t say.

So I am very careful to deploy only what I come, scrupulously, to believe is of real use to you & to everyone who does not thrive at the expense of whoever can’t prevent it—& those among their victims who have, in their hearts & minds, pledged allegiance to them, & serve them—including as their enforcers.

Occasionally, I write a new so-called poem so good, it seems to me, that I replace the one that I can most bear to part with, or change this or that one in accordance with new understanding or insight. As I am not a success, but not a failure, either—not dead yet, still budding deeds, more & more effective (at least, that’s the intention)—so, this collection & its consequences are developing. Watch.

Of course, without your attention & response, nothing has happened, & nothing is happening.

These so-called poems, which cost more to bring to life than anyone is likely to be able to imagine, are for your use. I beg you: use them.