I’m Campaigning, Too

August 13, 2018

by Eric Chaet

I’m not campaigning to have the highest score
or the most toys & thrills
or to overtake those who have achieved
some little sliver of what needs doing
while we all stew in the mess that’s left undone—

I’m campaigning for another breath, heart-beat, meal
& to relax & concentrate at the same time
& to achieve what no one believes I can achieve
& which never has been achieved, yet
even by the great, celebrated heroes & dissenters
or the great ones who lived their lives in obscurity
their contemporaries unaware of what they were doing
their contemporaries perfectly certain
that they were doing nothing of the sort—

I’m campaigning to perfect myself
not to be overwhelmed by evil-doings & prevailing delusions
not to be overwhelmed by insane bureaucracy & hierarchies
not to be overwhelmed by the assumptions of privileged
experts at this or that technology or protocol—
& not just to perfect myself
& allow what’s crazy & wrong to go on prevailing
yet another generation—

I’m campaigning to know what to do & say
& to do it & say it, & to be heard
& people acting on what I say—
first one person here or there
then another, & another, & another—
rather than acting on
what those who engineer catastrophe after catastrophe
(blaming their competitors)
the least scrupulous, luckiest, & most cunning
at accumulating dollars, weapons, hypnotized armies, publicity
& market shares, productive machinery, & sources of energy—
do & say—

I’m campaigning to overcome my weaknesses & pretensions—
I’m campaigning against my imagining I know what I don’t
& to know what’s so that is knowable & useful—
& to comprehend my limits & the limits of what’s knowable.

I’m campaigning
against my ignorance & greed for mere information—
I’m campaigning to be wise
to acquire understanding, to believe only what’s so
& to acquire skills, too, while I have time to apply them, yet.

I’m campaigning to be as fit as is still possible
& righteous & kind
& for humanity to overcome its infancy & adolescence
& its delusions & mental & spiritual diseases—
its unjustified over-confidence
& unjustified sense of helplessness—
so that humanity becomes as fit as is still possible
& righteous & kind—
perfecting itself & not just perfecting itself—
achieving harmonious interaction with one another
& the other species & our common environment—
I’m campaigning so that humanity & I succeed.




May 24, 2018

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