Heroic Exploits Yet To Occur

March 29, 2020

by Eric Chaet

Heroic exploits yet to occur, & which may fail—
efforts unnoticed or scoffed at
by those falling all over themselves
to get a share of the loot
taken from whoever can’t prevent it being taken from them—

creating or failing to create God
who doesn’t yet exist, but may yet
all-knowing, loving, righteously angry at injustice & hypocrisy—

the effort of the first living cell to live another moment—
the first breath, the first attempt to understand
the first lever

menial & dirty & humiliating efforts
made by those with the greatest understanding
just to survive another second
in communities dominated by adolescent egotists—

the first words, but not blabbing
numbers & calculation
but not mere imitation of efficient algorithms so far
obsessed with prices & winning, as tho a game
oblivious to reverence & possibility—

the first engines & motors
but not all the thoughtless use of them since
by addicts unwilling to consider
consequential atrophy of their own potentials
& degradation of our shared mother world—

righteous efforts that fail, righteous efforts that succeed
tho everyone around them believes it happened by itself—

I don’t celebrate viruses, plutocrats, or posers
who sell their souls for a share of the loot
& I don’t celebrate professional victims, either—
or glory-seeking killers
or those who rule by violence or the threat of violence
or those whose efforts are to fit in for approval—

I don’t celebrate the conquerors
or those who live in luxury off others’ grudging labor—

I celebrate deeds yet to be made & refrainings, too
& the results hoped for & intended
against odds so great that nearly everyone believes
&, so, behaves as tho they need not be conceived of.