Eric Chaet’s Biz Plan

August 28, 2019

I have been pushing a rock up a hill a long time, &, in the process, learning to gain & apply physical, mental, & moral advantage, which changes the odds of reaching & passing beyond the crest.

Tho influenced, I am not trapped in the expectations of the people around me, near or far, familiar ones or strangers, historic or contemporary, beaten down or apparently victorious.

I keep escaping from earlier programming, & my own incomplete & ineffective impressions, mind-sets, bad habits, world views. I keep getting stronger, more effective.

But, of course, my body & mind are mortal. I need wholesome nutrition & periodic rest—& bits of my apparatus exhibit depreciating functionality. So my time is limited.

I am competing for self-command in the internet of bodies, minds, souls, electro-magnetic forces, machines, confusion, suffering, intentional enterprises, money & weapons, myths & doctrines, privilege & victimization, obliviousness & conceit on one hand & resentment & rationalization on the other, & cliques, professions, corporations, & political-economies.

I am managing the greatest, transformational enterprise in the history of humanity, with the fewest resources, from below.

Tho I am stronger & more effective than ever, I can hardly even correct my own errors, even when I notice them.

I’m not much yet, but invest in me, & you get the biggest bang for your buck since the last Big Bang.

I am continuously, strategically researching & developing understanding & skills, especially righteousness & lovingkindness—the most undervalued, greatest resources of all—& gradually managing to deploy them—tho I must simultaneously create the infrastructure necessary to do so.

I would not be satisfied only to achieve & attain even what my rare, wonderful heroes & heroines have achieved & attained.

Solving this or that catastrophic problem would be insufficient.

No one’s time is more real than mine.

It’s not just cash that I mustn’t run out of. I must do what I can do while I still have breath, (realistic, earned) hope, an emerging lever-&-a-platform-to-stand-on, & (exponentially growing & quantum-leaping) comprehension—& when survival isn’t urgently all-consuming.

If you can & will, join me. If it’s advantageous, I’m eager to join you, too.

There’s no way I can succeed by myself.


So Far

August 18, 2019

I’ve been hoping that these so-called poems, snatched out of my struggle to survive & emerge, would help you, also, to survive & emerge—& to enable you, also, to become part of a great & lasting change for the better, in the ways people think & behave—& that you, too, would participate in the early results of that changed behavior—within the on-going matrix of misunderstanding, delusion, posing, & injustice, & consequent suffering—within the matrix of the glorious but uncaring natural universe.


Other public works by Eric Chaet:

1974 – Old Buzzard of No-Man’s Land, slim, square poetry book
1977 – Solid and Sound, vinyl LP recording of songs
1984-1994 – The Into Traffic Signs, posters stapled to USA utility poles
1991 (2nd edition, 1994) – How To Change the World Forever For Better, slim book of telegraphic prose
2001 – People I Met Hitchhiking On USA Highways, slightly fictionalized prose narrative book

Other work:

I also occasionally take on research projects as an independent consultant. So far, assignments regarding industrial & agricultural equipment, operations & management practices, & Space exploration equipment & politics have found me, & helped pay to keep me alive, & fund my public work.

In the 1970’s & early 1980’s, I taught several subjects at several colleges, in Pennsylvania, Missouri, Nebraska, Michigan, & California—& at a middle school at the first Navajo-run school on the Navajo Reservation, or, as they call it, The Navajo Nation—in the northeast corner of Arizona, USA.

There were also dozens of odd jobs in factories, warehouses, offices, delivering packages, etc., first on the South Side of Chicago, my boyhood turf, then in Los Angeles, Chattanooga, Toledo, southern Illinois, Milwaukee, & Green Bay, USA.