September 14, 2018

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Only part of what I have been doing for the past 50 years—& I wasn’t always doing—but a significant part, returned to again & again—has been struggling, pushing a rock up a hill, to make these so-called poems, each one singly, or in aggregate, valuable investments of your time & attention, & to get them to you.

They weren’t always these 100. These are what’s left of thousands, most discarded almost immediately, or after days, weeks, months, years, or decades—many transformed again & again, some probably yet to be improved, I hope, or replaced by better articulations of what I meant, or by clearer, more comprehensive, altogether more effective meanings.

You’ll find them within this spectrum:

Sometimes we need to be enabled to perceive how wonderful the world is, or we’ll die of despair. And the world, in this aspect, reveals to us possibilities within ourselves, habitats we have been unaware of, contemporaries & their behavior, & methods, acted out in juvenile or rudimentary fashion, calling out to us to complete their metamorphosis, &, so, ours. And we need to, & sometimes we can afford to dwell on what is unjust & crazy, in a way that allows us deeper, calmer, wiser understanding—which also makes possible greater possibility of acting, successfully, to improve the situation—our own situation, each one of us—& the situation that involves us all—however much it is generally assumed, & we have fallen into the habit of believing, that not much can ever change for the better, except ever so slightly & temporarily.

Eric Chaet
The Turnaround Artist
1803 County Road ZZ
De Pere, Wisconsin 54115