October 1, 2016

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I don’t need to “get ahead” in human society as-it-is.

I need to provide for my survival & operations in nature as mediated by human society as-it-is, while more & more effectively playing my part in the transformation of human society to how-it-should-be—more just & (carefully discriminating between what does others good & what only encourages their continuing errors & suffering) kind.

Whatever else I’m doing, I’m always exploring for, mining, smelting, forging, & attempting to distribute these gambits, however often I’m told that they “aren’t what we’re looking for.” You bet they aren’t!

I’m not seeking to join cliques of poets, artists, analysts, or those who have agreed on this or that set of doctrines, tho I’m happy to participate when what they are doing & what I’m doing coincide, or mainly overlap. I love cooperation & loyalty—others to me, & I to others!

I find insights in the doctrines of religious & scientific sectarians; in the strategies & experiences of warriors & entrepreneurs, managers, financiers, politicians, from the most extraordinarily righteous to the most corrupt; in expressions of the most enlightened & masterful, & also the most programmed & deluded artists of all genres; & likewise historians; in the antics of those so upset that they give up the common pretense of being able to control themselves; in the behavior of other species; in the algorithms & habits of professionals, craftsmen, inexperienced & experienced laborers; & mothers; & the spontaneous explorations & inventiveness of children & adults who haven’t entirely suppressed the awed beginner element in themselves.

I gratefully modify my thinking & behavior, & use what I learn from them.

I’ve come a long way, & have a long way yet to go.


Poetry is not my cause. What’s my cause, then? It’s uttered on the pages of this site. (It’s your cause, too.)


Many of these so-called poems have been posted or published, in the USA or elsewhere, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 years ago, or more & more recently.

The viewpoints of the publications & websites have varied remarkably, from very pious to the most provocative, from many angles.


Humanity’s mostly insane & unjust agendas—allocation of resources & assigning of tasks—are mainly set by heirs of (often ill-gotten or tyranny-complicit) wealth; efficient purveyors of trinkets & nostrums; skillful rentiers & their eager acolytes; mere technicians (however brilliant); confidence men & women dancing around & spouting trivial, unhelpful, often enslaving rhetoric contrary to what is actually so; the most cunning & so-far luckiest bureaucrats; those who abandon themselves to rage or dependence; & formal & informal generals & admirals careless of the wisdom or folly, righteousness or wickedness of goals they victoriously achieve, or fail to achieve, at the expense of many dying, & many others lacking resources with which to thrive & do something saner.

I’m working to rectify the situation.

I’m not talking about violence, tho on rare occasions others won’t allow any other means of survival or liberty: I’m in the reasoning-&-imagining-together business.

I’m not willing to kill strangers for some subordinate prize some deluded so-called leader can’t bear to fail to gain or hold.

So far, each time I’m overwhelmed, I recover, after a briefer or longer period, & resume my efforts.


I don’t need to “get ahead.” But, if I can do so without doing wrong, or spending all my time doing something of subordinate importance rather than what’s most important, or inciting fatal or disabling enmity—I’ll work for wealth & power enough to extend my life-time a little, & to compete more effectively with those who use wealth & power to establish & maintain unjust advantages, hierarchies, mind-sets, & activities.


What I need to do is to evolve from helplessness to competence to prowess, & from narrow competences & foolish pride to broader & broader competences & prowesses, without the foolish pride, & to change my situation & what humanity is doing, forever, for better.


I hope you will now begin to explore the 100. I believe you will benefit from them—& enjoy the process—tho, of course, only when you don’t have something more essential & appropriate to do.

I am counting on no-one but you.


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