The Indifference of Humanity Is an Illusion

April 17, 2021

by Eric Chaet

The indifference of humanity to suffering is an illusion
& the indifference of humanity to one’s attempts
to call their attention to the suffering is an illusion—

everyone is aware of suffering
tho they may purposefully avert their attention—
even Gautama, whose father, the king, tried
to insulate him from knowledge of suffering
became aware of it—

even the children of the wealthy occasionally
become sick or injured of fail in their attempts
to cause others to see them as they wish they were—
&, suddenly, they are among the sufferers themselves—

to the extent that you are one of the profound ones
& not just a repeater, not just an echoer—
others similarly profound & unique are aware
that you are saying what you are saying—
they are listening as intently as you are listening—
but what can they say or do in response at the moment?—
they suffer, too, they must struggle with courage, too—
it might take months or decades
for the appropriate response to become a deed—
if they manage to live that long—

meanwhile, people may try to defend the persons
they would like to imagine that they are—
who don’t need your suggestions, thank you very little!—
maybe they will die defending their pretenses—
but, oh, how aware they are of what you are saying!

it’s necessary not to wait for their sincere acknowlegement
& meanwhile to cope with the usual sales pitches
& the usual generations & centuries
of stagnation & petty feuds & gridlocking partisanship
& the periods of collapse, migration, & revolutions—
anomie, hypocritical veneers, terrible wars—
it’s necessary to cope with changing technologies
& the shuffling of who is celebrated, who scapegoated
& who is allocated too much & who is allocated too little—

it’s necessary to try to preserve & hone one’s honest being
& to do that which changes the world, again
a little or a lot better, & differently
than you or anyone has ever done it, til now—
it’s necessary to re-arrange the strategic factors
so that something emerges from them
that never before could possibly have been—

it’s necessary, again & again
to get over needing to hear a 180 degree reply—

instead, you will hear—as you have heard—rarely—
from others doing—or that they have done—
something like what you are doing—
not quite the same thing, & never the expected—
but effective, in some way, to some degree—
something you can put to use, that was missing—
you are affected as you were the first time, once
by some deed, maybe rhetorical, or maybe
someone acting in a way others had not witnessed previously
that changed how some people, at least, behaved—
tho it didn’t once & for all end suffering
& the set of the causes of suffering—

the illusion of humanity’s indifference
is no longer stronger than what & who you are, again—
than what you know & hope & intend &—again—do.