The Mandate of Self-Command

November 5, 2019

by Eric Chaet

While carefully attending to the most reliable information I can find, regarding current events & most-recent causes, I mainly I concern myself with long-unresolved issues, conflicts, & possibilities of improvement & resolution — with the harmonized skill-set of most-possible fitness, wisdom, effectiveness, justice, & kindness, as well as the harmonized spectrum of specialized knowledge, techniques, & tools.

I try to become less incompetent & oppressed. I struggle to understand, & become adept.

I try not to deal in glib satire, scandal, or advertising — except for advertising my own campaign, to stay alive & to become capable of changing the world forever for better, & to be part of the doing of it, while I’m still alive — at least, creating what will, some actual irreversible time, be part of outlasting & prevailing over the regime of injustice & its consequences, & misunderstanding & pretense, & the basest motivations & behavior.

I try to refrain from pandering to the defense mechanisms of anti-intellectuals or the delusions of intellectuals — who speak what they have been led to believe is truth to those they imagine to be at the dead-center of Power, rather than using their lives to prepare themselves for, & whole-heartedly, wisely, & effectively to compete for, & use power, themselves.

I try to make myself competent to assume the mandate of power, &, tho I am among those at the least-esteemed base of the pyramid, I am competing for the mandate of power, myself.

I try not to let my frustration or anxiety defeat me. I try not to be drawn into conflicts that only make matters worse, & make me less capable. I try not to sell out what I’m doing — from fear, lust, impatience to be relieved of anxiety, or greed for wealth or glory.

I don’t wish to control others’ behavior by violence or threat of violence or of destitution — tho I am occasionally tempted, in moments of fury.

I appreciate that there are many people willing, to the best of their ability, to reason with me & anyone, in order to reach an improved situation — but I am all too aware that there are plenty of people who prefer to & intend to neutralize or murder anyone who interferes with their efforts to gain or keep domination — including plenty who imagine or pretend that they are among the reasonable ones.

I try to face what seems, at first, overwhelming, & make myself, at least, its equal.

Appealing neither to this nor to that faction, neither to this nor to that one who claims the mandate of heaven or the mandate of the people — that’s me — now nearly fatally upset, now composed, now nearly spent, now refreshed, now fast & struggling to catch a breath, now slow but deliberate — climbing up from way behind.