June 20, 2015

These so-called poems are meant to be of use.

Via transferred insights, to deliver an energetic charge & momentum, &, so, greater ability to influence & actually improve the situation into which everyone is born.

Also to contribute to the transformation of the set whose components are misunderstandings, injustices, & lack of resources & of potent allies, those on the low-frequency end of the spectrum of advantage must deal with.

And of your own particular set—of ignorance, programming, illusions, delusions—& talents, true knowledge, hard-won understanding, skills & kit, brain, sense organs, thumbs, muscles, gastro-intestinal furnace, breath, & opportunities (not mirages for sale).

While you have time to put into effect what you find advantageous.

I hope.

I’m trying to weed out whatever might merely pleasantly distract or console you or me in your or my resignation (or despair, or complacency, or self-defeating compulsion), & any other contagion I may still be harboring & passing on, from my attending to fashionable poetry, other arts, education, unconsciously imbibed mythology, popular religions (including the religion of Science & Technology, & the religion of Economics, Force, & Triumph), the ocean of conversation, commercial or political propaganda, or public fact- & “fact”-presentation, analysis & commentary.

I do not mean that scientific knowledge & technological skill aren’t valuable & important—real scientific understanding is precious! As fitness is important, but no end in itself. Or that cunning strategy, self-discipline, & the ability to make one’s way in the world-as-it-is are unnecessary. Or that knowing what it’s possible to know about what is happening around us—sorting thru the avalanche of true, false, wise, & unwise—isn’t vital in making advantageous moves.

Or that those whose not-entirely-reasonable religious faith gave or gives them the courage to behave with greater justice & effective compassion than otherwise possible didn’t or don’t exemplify behavior worthy of emulation among humans generally behaving in harmful ways—harmful to others &, however much they celebrate their gains in the midst of everyone’s loss, harmful to themselves.

If, realistically, I can help you, beyond the deployment of these so-called poems, without undermining my viability, let me know. If you can help me, realistically, without undermining your viability, what’s stopping you? If it’s something I’m doing or failing to do, let me know, please. Til I die, I’ll be needing realistic help.

You’ll be needing help, too. Tho believing you’ve accomplished your mission, esteemed, & living in luxury, you may never realize it.

You’re like me in this respect: what you do has its effect.

/// ///

EC ornery


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