The Turnaround Artist

October 5, 2018

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Tho I am ever more capable of living without what almost everyone around me believes it essential to purchase, & of making or finding what I need, that almost everyone around me believes one person can’t make or find — still, if I could gain possession of — or at least authority to allocate — resources currently within others’ control — if it didn’t cost more doing so, than what was gained — it would enable me to live longer & healthier than otherwise, & to have more time to fight off predators & parasites, & maintain equipment, & repair what wears out, or adapt to living without it — & also to struggle with great & lesser tyrants, & — by the results of my efforts — to reduce not only the oppression I live under, but the oppression you also live under.

I don’t aspire that others, whose attention is mainly wrapped up in delusions about humanity, their groups, & themselves, should recognize my potential or talent, or acclaim my achievement.

But I am interested in gaining enough of your attention, & persuading you to invest in my efforts — money, sure, that would be convenient — but otherwise time, attention, cooperative efforts — inconceivable to those whose attention is wrapped up in what is conventionally believed possible or impossible, cool or not, likely profitable or not, desirable or dreadful.

So far, I have been just barely successful enough not to starve or die from exposure or from lack of access to medicines & nutrients others have gained title to — the greater proportion by force or cunning — the lesser proportion (but more people), bit by bit, by working according to rules established by conquerors & their — literal or otherwise — bureaucrats — which includes those whose enterprises are the cells & organs of the unsustainable economic development that is generally considered progress — some gaining at the expense of many — often subsidized by funds everyone else is compelled to provide.

Eric Chaet Old Buzzard

I don’t wish to become king of fools & thugs, but I must compete with such kings & queens, & with the many insurgents who spend their lives struggling to replace them, or to be permitted to serve them, rather than be condemned to what they believe is inevitable failure &, so, unbearable throes, &, all too soon, death.



Interstate Highway 51
Wisconsin, USA


If you find something I write clever, don’t congratulate me on being clever, please. I know I’m clever enough — but plenty of people are equally clever.

Yet fools & thugs rule over us, & many suffer — I’m one suffering so, & so are you — as a result.


how to change


I wish I could tell you what it would look like, when I have attained the position I am struggling to attain, & am performing what I am hereby asking your investment in — but I find no model for it among those at the top of the economy or of governments or the professions, sects, or insurgencies, let alone among the resentful complainers.

In fact, it seems likely that I will be operating, however much more efficiently & effectively, without having even ever conceived my role precisely, let alone attained it, for the rest of my days. I strive thereby for justice tempered by kindness — for harmonious development, meanwhile, for all involved.

I am Eric Chaet, The Turnaround Artist.

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