My Campaign

August 13, 2018

by Eric Chaet

What am I campaigning for?

Not to overtake the deluded & misguided ones
who believe themselves leading, & others believe it, too—
& who engineer catastrophe after catastrophe
immediate or eventual
generally blaming it on their competitors—
if they’re still in the spotlight when the consequences arrive.

Not to overtake, either
those who have narrowed their focus to achieving
some little sliver of what needs doing—
assuming no responsibility for the situation
in which they & everyone else continue to cook.

Not to have the most thrills & toys now
or come out with the most consolation prizes at the end.

But just to continue surviving & perfecting myself
& creating justice & sanity for everyone—
til it’s done, or I’m done, whichever comes first.

Approximately no one sees me campaigning so:
til now, even I couldn’t see me doing it—except
momentarily, sometimes, out of the corner of my vision.

I was so programmed & bedazzled by others’ presentations—
crowds gathered on purpose, amplified, audacious remarks
dynamic glitter & choreographed publicity—
& their temporary achievements & acclaim.




May 24, 2018

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