Eric Chaet’s 100 SO-CALLED POEMS

September 5, 2014

Welcome to these 100 so-called poems of struggle for sanity, justice, kindness, & harmonious development of everyone who hasn’t committed him or her self to thriving at the expense of whoever can’t prevent it.

A more & more permanent understanding & capacity to transform the situation for oneself, & for more than oneself.

That is, real progress.

Let me know if you like & benefit from the so-called poems! (Use “Leave a Reply” at the bottom of this page, or of the pages of the so-called poems.)

Copy & keep them! Who knows how long I or this web site will last? Post them, publish them—accurately, please, giving me credit.

(I hereby give you permission to post or publish them, accurately, giving me credit.)

I’ll try to use the credit to communicate with skeptical others, &, so, reach & serve a fuller range of receptive audience, accelerating achievement of critical mass & unstoppable transformation.

Your linking to this site would be helpful.

While I try to protect myself from “help” that isn’t helpful—there’s a lot of it—I never forget that I won’t succeed without real help, similar to the real help I believe I am hereby making available to you.


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