October 18, 2014

ericphoto copy
I hope this web-site
in its peculiar way
is useful,
as well as, sometimes, delightful—
tho struggling with potent
& plenty of petty reprobates,
& their spores,
in space & time,
&, it’s true,
in my own soul, too—
I hope it helps you
integrate your successes
with humanity’s
successful achievement
less & less provisionally
of sanity, justice, kindness,
& harmonious & full development.

We’d all be so wealthy, then
in a way vastly greater than the wealth
of those who restrict their thinking & deeds
per costs & revenues, monetary profits & losses,
& bargains & objects that can be priced—
tho I don’t mean that anyone should forgo
struggling for enough to survive & thrive
among men & women as we currently live
any more than I suggest
one just surrender to coercion—
it’s necessary to fight back—
again, there are many more ways to fight
than generally recognized.

Fully committed & brilliantly organized,
we’d wage righteous love—
& maybe we will—
always assessing with absolute realism
who we are right now,
what we are capable of, what the situation is—
depending on
what you & I, among others, manage to do.

I haven’t accomplished much yet
of what needs accomplishing.

neither unrealistically demanding,
nor failure-accepting,
status quo-accepting, tyranny-accepting,
you & I will be part of what you & I
yet get done, among people, in this world,
in the rest of our lives.



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